Listed Companies

We provide high quality financial and business advice to listed and unlisted corporates, general businesses, private clients and non-government organizations (NGOs). Besides, we specialize in the provision of advice to small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

We advise individuals and businesses in the travel, entertainment and media industries. Acting for a wide range of clients in the hospitality industry we help them maximize the value of their ideas so that they can concentrate on bigger picture. 

Whether travel is at the core of your business activities, or you are affected by the industry’s regulations and taxes on a less regular or project-by-project basis, we can help formulate practical, lasting solutions to the issues you face and the challenges that the travel industry presents.

Property and Construction

We are a leading accountancy, tax and business advisers to landowners, construction and other projects. Our property advisors specialises in advising landowners and property developers businesses on financial and tax matters, particularly capital taxes, VAT and trust issues. We also advise on issues such as planning for acquisitions or disposals.

Mining, Energy & Utilities

Our Energy team is actively involved in providing advice in connection with renewable projects, acting for land owners, developers and stakeholders.

 Non-Government Organisations (NGOs)

We provide accountancy, tax and advisory services to charities, voluntary organisations and the public sector, including schools and many more.

Professional and Consultancy Services

We advise a wide array of businesses active in the professional and consultancy services sector, and are experts in the relevant financial, accounting, corporate finance, tax and regulatory requirements.


We provide statutory audit, internal audit, tax and consultancy services to the retail industry although the sector is still relatively small in Tanzania but with the growing population it is a potential area of service due to consumer demands.

Public sector

We work in partnership with government ministries and agencies to improve the delivery of services to the people. We make this sector a success through our services that include Tax, audit, and human resource development and information technology.

Financial services

This sector includes banking and insurance businesses. The banking industry has developed rapidly and our survey indicates there are more than 20 banks in operation in Tanzania. Insurers and their agents have also not been left out in this development and Adolph Associates is happy to bring its integrated team of experts to address the needs of these companies.

We have the expertise in dealing with the financial and tax affairs trusts, property owners and entrepreneurs.

In addition we are able to provide our private clients with far more than just accounting and tax advice, we work closely with many to help them take full advantage of market opportunities through close involvement with their investment, forecasting and financial planning needs.