About us

Adolph Associateswas established in 2011 with the founders having more than 35 years experience in Management consultancy, Accounting, Audit and Taxation services. We provide a combination of various services under one roof, which makes us “one complete stop shop for professional services and business consultancy”. Our business solutions include legal and ICT services.   Adolph Associates’s service delivery is based on the following principles:

  1.  Understanding the needs of our clients
  2.  Ensuring we have the professional capacity to meet the needs of our clients
  3.  Ensuring Timely and Quality Deliverables


Adolph Associateshas its office location in Dar es Salaam city, Tanzania. From accounts preparation to payroll; business advice to tax planning – Adolph Associatesoffers everything you’d expect from a great accountancy firm. More so, at Adolph Associateswe believe in diversity and providing seamless service solutions. We have to that end an ICT department with the main mission to enhance our customers’ position in their respective market places by improving operational efficiency, controlling costs and mitigating risks associated with the management of information technology. We also have in-house legal experts who deal with all the legal aspects of our services and provide reference for any additional needs of our clients.

We offer services in the public and private sectors, including government institutions, state-owned enterprises, banking, finance & Insurance, retail business, travel & leisure, education, healthcare, private firms and individuals.  Our dedicated team work in a professional manner to assist you with Self Assessments, Corporate Tax, VAT, Payroll, Bookkeeping, Financial Management and Cash Flow Projections.

Through our knowledge and extensive practical experience, we have developed a number of sector specialist capacities. These, among others, include consultancy services in the areas of transport, banking & insurance, communication & telecommunication. We ensure sustainability of our solutions through full involvement of our clients in designing and implementing those solutions. Even more valuable is the advice, network and experience we can bring from working with other companies in these industries.

Even though we do have specialists, our clients are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances. Even though we are being corporate focused, our recognition as a firm of Chartered Tax Advisers means that we also have a significant client base of individuals.